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Joseph Aviv.

One of a kind gold and diamond jewelry for over 30 years. 

For over 35 years Joseph Aviv has been creating gold and diamond jewelry that captivates the world around.

Joseph Aviv has designed and created some of the world's most exquisite jewelry. Due to his expertise, professionalism and experience within the jewelry industry, his company has acquired active accounts spanning across all fifty states and recognition worldwide.
Joseph Aviv

Joseph's designs start with an idea and end with exquisite hand crafted heirlooms.

Unique Stones

Joseph's designs incorporate rare cuts of precious gems that have been admired worldwide.

A designer is neither created nor taught, but rather born and is such the case with Joseph Aviv, who possesses the genius spark of design. Originally inspired by his work with the great fashion houses, Joseph Aviv soon found himself drawn to his family heritage. Since childhood he has been exposed to all aspects of the diamond industry in Israel and in New York City. This experience has developed him into a true diamond expert. His inspiration as a designer, combined with a complete knowledge of diamonds, ensures that his creations posses immense quality and value with exquisite rare beauty.
Iconic Design

With designs for everyone from locals to celebrities, Joseph's collections are carefully hand designed and crafted for the highest quality jewelry.

Uniquely Designed.

Joseph has been hand designing beautiful diamond and gold jewelry for clients around the world for more than 35 years.

An artist's process is his own and Joseph's is no different. From hand he begins with dozens of drafts, putting his experience to work, Joseph incorporates unique cuts and precious gems in innovative ways.  
Uniquely Made.

Just as a piece of art is carefully crafted by its maker, Joseph's line of fine jewelry is much a work of art as any other.

Careful attention to detail from facet too function is Joseph's mantra. With each carefully crafted piece he shapes the foundation for an heirloom to be.  Each piece is carefully molded with the finest in Italian gold and conflict free precious gems. Joseph's unique process ensures the most beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings for generations to come.
  • Each piece is carefully hand crafted
  • Custom Trinity Necklace
Uniquely For You.

From design to production, few jewelers have mastered shaping the idea of beauty like Joseph Aviv.

A jewelry purchase is one of intimacy and luxury, the creation of your jewelry is no different. Joseph's lifelong dedication to art, beauty and jewels has lead to the design of everything from the iconic to uniquely personal. Yet in each case the personal touch of a master jeweler makes each a work of fine art.

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